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Pet Taxi USA provides a ground transportation service for dogs and cats. We offer both group and private transports at competitive prices. Our service offers convenience for you, picking up and delivering right to your door. We know that your pets are your family, and you can trust that your animals will be well cared for on their way to their destination.



About Our Service

Our experienced staff will ensure that special member of your family is given special care while on the road.  Your pet will safely travel in one of our climate controlled passenger vans.  Animals on board are housed in our clean travel crates to separate animals for their safety and comfort.  Cats will have a litter box in their crate.  Dogs will be walked regularly during the trip; puppies too young to walk will be kept clean.  We supply everything needed during transport, except for food.  Our attentive drivers stop frequently to walk, feed, water and tend to each animal's needs one at a time.  We never leave your pet unattended day or night.  Your pets can stay together and travel together while on their way to their destination.


When you need to move your pets, we make it easy for you !



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